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In the kingdom of giants… (Pt.1)

Tripping through Indonesia. This was the change of plan. A couple of days in a hostel in Bangkok and a new room-mate enters, carrying a smile and stories from afar. Tales almost too wonderful to be real, but with that with of possibility that alights a child-like passion to discover.

It went something like this… a volcano in indonesia, so big that when it exploded in 1285AD it was thought to have triggered the global “little ice-age”. The tale told was of climbing into the clouds, spending three days holding onto inch-wide edges over the thousands of metre drops, fumbling to an unseen summit in the blinding blackness of night, which had the reputation of leaving many people behind, letting those who survive, get to the top to watch the sun-rays break and warm the icy chill across the world, as far as the eye could see, illuminating the smokey lava funnel within the caldera.

Half my attention was taken by trying to deduce which movie the guy was stealing stories from. The other left me enraptured, wide eyed and working out my new flight path.

The encounter in retrospect taught me more about travel than anything else to this point. One moment, one word, one brief encounter can change the course of someone else’s journey, permanently.



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