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In the kingdom of giants… (Pt.2)

Bangkok to Singapore. Singapore to Malaysia. Malaysia to Indonesia. The path had changed. Became more dusty. I seen cultures transform before my eyes. Between hazy sleeps that formed condensation on airplane windows and left me increasingly disoriented. It was the journey I chose. The path I accepted. Knowing not what lay ahead but only that whatever it was, I’d leave with an experience or I wouldn’t leave at all.

Three days were spent in Malaysia thinking I might be the only white person there. Sharing only common words like “taxi” and place names with others more familiar with the surroundings. To escape from one’s comfort zone to find himself lost amongst people offers feelings that shine light into the darkness of the comforts of society. Indonesia only seeking to further the feeling. But I had my thoughts, I had cigarettes and I had an unreliable internet connection on my phone. Enough to plan ahead and enough to realise what distance this journey had given me. In every sense of that word.

The flight into Indonesia was notable only in that over the whole island of Lombok, the window seat I had chosen offered me the view of my main reason for the travel here. Rinjani. It stood there, monolithic in proportions, rising out of the land like an old god watching over his people. The clouds played around his waist, twisting and turning, and the summit pierced the sky. The ambivalence towards this image still shakes an unseen part of me…



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