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Insane asylum time again…

It begins to strike you as odd, after a few of these -especially with the better preserved asylums- that you’ve stepped foot in more of these places than your average fruit loop. Seen more beds and rooms and “restraining devices” -as it kind of was today- than someone spending their better days woefully kept away out of harm/sight, but then you get to escape and the story has a happy ending.

Today it was Bangour Village Hospital and what made this place special is that the hospital grounds had “thirteen buildings” although that was arguably more when you seen how some of the small buildings were grouped as one. This whole complex in it’s entirety, during its heyday, was a near self sufficient system, right down to the old shop that used to adorn the grounds and the playing field at the bottom of the hill, where a lone chair now ominously sat in the centre. Getting in was very tricky at first but we found the access point and these photos are are a result of that stroke of luck/persistence.

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